Metrology for Ammonia in
Ambient Air

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This section contains the latest news about MetNH3 


26th July 2016: Publication by N. A. Martin et al. on "The applicability of a cavity ring-down spectrometer to measurements of  ambient ammonia using traceable primary standard gas mixtures" in Applied Physics B Lasers and Optics. This work has been carried out in the framework of MetNH3.

5th October 2016: MetNH3 consortium publication under the lead of A. Pogány titled "A metrological approach to improve accuracy and reliability of ammonia measurements in ambient air" in Measurement Science and Technology.

Past News and Events

November 2017, 16th NH3-Workshop , GAA Hildesheim, Germany

Nick Martin (NPL) is going to give an oral presentation on the validation of samplers employed for ambient monitoring of ammonia during the MetNH3 Project

20th July 2017: Fourth MetNH3 Newsletter

13th-15th June 2017: GAS Analysis 2017, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The leading international symposium and exhibition for gas analysis manufacturers, technical staff and end-users, presenting you the latest developments in laboratory, process analysis, metrology and sensor technology and their applications.

09th-10th May 2017: second MetNH3 workshop on ammonia measurement methodology with participation of all project partners as well as collaborators and stakeholders will be held at METAS, Bern Switzerland. 

Book of Abstracts

20th December 2016: Third MetNH3 newsletter

12-16 December 2016 American Geophysical Union  AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco

MetNH3 represented in a poster presentation by Dr. Nicholas Martin (NPL): "Validation of Ammonia Diffusive and Active Samplers in a Controlled Atmosphere Test Facility using Traceable Primary Standard Gas Mixtures" ". Session A33E: Laboratory Studies in Atmospheric Sciences III

4th-8th December 2016: 7th International Nitrogen Initiative Conference (INI2016), Melbourne Australia

MetNH3 represented in an oral presentation by Dr. Marsaildh Twigg (CEH): "An assessment of the applicability of ambient NH3 instrumentation under field conditions" in the category "New methods of measuring reactive nitrogen in the environment".

15th August -16th September 2016: MetNH3 ammonia measurements field intercomparison

for more information please contact Dr. Marsailidh Twigg (CEH).

29 May- 03 June 2016: 12th International Conference on the Fundamentals of Adsorption, Fiedrichshafen, Germany.

MetNH3 has been represented by Dr. Olavi Vaittinen (University of Helsinki) and a poster entitled Co-Adsorption of Water and Ammonia on Stainless Steel.

24-25 February 2016: MetNH3 Workshop on progress in ammonia metrology at PTB Braunschweig

Book of Abstracts

22-23 February 2016: MetNH3 M22 Project Meeting at PTB Braunschweig

14-18 December 2015  AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco

MetNH3 represented in an oral presentation by Dr. Nicholas Martin (NPL): "Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer (CRDS) Development for Ambient Measurements of Ammonia". Session A31F: Advances in Instrumentation and Methods for Atmospheric Chemistry I

09-10 December 2015: Royal Society of Chemistry Automation and Analytical Management Group conference  in London on the topic "Air Quality Monitoring Evolving Issues and New Technologies"

MetNH3 represented by Dr. Marsailidh Twigg (CEH) and a poster with the title: "MetNH3: Metrology for ammonia in ambient air"

29 October 2015: Second MetNH3 Newsletter

21-24 September 2015  CIM 2015 Paris For more information visit

MetNH3 represented in an oral presentation by Dr. Andrea Pogàny (PTB): "European project: Metrology for ammonia in ambient air (MetNH3)"

An article on MetNH3 has been published in the conference catalogue of CIM2015

29 June 2015: MetNH3 Blog Entry on PICARRO Inc. Webpage

10-12 June 2015: GAS2015 Rotterdam

For more information visit

MetNH3 was represented by

oral presentations:

Bernhard Niederhauser (METAS): EMRP JRP ENV55 MetNH3: Towards a Consistent Metrological Infrasturcture for Ammonia Measurements in Ambient Air 

Dr. Gerard Nieuwenkamp (VSL): Reliability and metrological traceability for 10 μmol/mol NH3 in nitrogen mixtures

Dr. Valerio Ferracci (NPL): Metrology for Reactive Gases

poster presentations:

Dr. Carlo Tiebe (BAM): Development of a mobile ammonia gas standard generator for environmental measurements

Dr. Jari Peltola (VTT): Towards an absolute NHanalyzer for ambient applications using an open design to eliminate sampling problems

Dr. Daiana Leuenberger (METAS): On Development and Characterisation of a Portable Standard Gas Generator (rewarded with award for "Best Poster")

08-09 June 2015: Project meeting MetNH3 at Novotel Brainpark, Rotterdam

May 2015: MetNH3 presented at two trade fairs with a poster by partner BAM

05-08/05/2015: 29th Control – International trade fair for quality assurance, Stuttgart, Germany

19-21/05/2015: Sensor+Test 2015 - The Measurement Fair, Nuremberg, Germany

12-17 April: European Geosciences Union EGU, Vienna

For more information visit

MetNH3 represented in a poster presentation by Dr. Christine Braban: "MetNH3: Metrology for ammonia in ambient air" poster session GI2.1/AS4.2 (Inter-disciplinary Atmospheric Sciences: Atmospheric and Meteorological Instrumentation).

26 February 2015: First MetNH3 Newsletter

24 October 2014: Article on MetNH3 published in METinfo 2/2014, METAS' Journal of Metrology (in German)

01-02 September 2014: Kick-off meeting MetNH3 at METAS, Bern-Wabern

01 June 2014: MetNH3 is officially launched

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union on the basis of Decision No 912/2009/EC. Last update: 10/04/2018